Forthcoming first full length poetry collection 'Animal Wall', Seren Books, February, 2024


Poems (in magazines & anthologies):

'East of the Sun, West of the Moon' and 'Ramadan', in Bad Lilies, issue 9, 2022

'Animal Wall', 'Maps & Rooms, Writing from Wales', Lucent Dreaming 2022

'Yashica 635' & 'Internal Reliquary', upcoming in Anthropocene, 2022  

'Together Stronger', Gwrthryfel/Uprising, An anthology of radical Welsh poetry, Edited by Mike Jenkins, 2022

'A Morning Walk', Honest Ulsterman, 2022  

'Chocolate', Poetry Wales, Winter 2021, Volume 57, Number 2 

'Butter', Poetry Wales, Spring 2021, Volume 56, Number 3

'Seamstress', South Bank Poetry, Issue thirty three & four, 2021


'Poetry Collection Reviews of Eric Egalle Charles's 'Homelands' & 'Wild Correspondings, An Eco-Poetry Handbook' by Kay Syrad and Clare Whistler, Poetry Wales, Summer 2022, Volume 58, Number 1  

'The Decisive Moment: Documenting Activism in the Digital Era of Citizen Journalism', Land of Change, Stories of Struggle & Solidarity from Wales. Edited by Gemma June Howel. Culture Matters, 2022

'Best of 2021: A selection of cultural hightlights from the last 12 months by Taz Rahman', Nation Cymru & Eiddo, 2022   

'Poetry Collection Reviews of Isabelle Baafi's 'Ripe' & Abeer Ameer's 'Inhale/Exile', Poetry Wales, Summer 2021, Volume 57, Number 1  


Ithaka, performed at The Gate Arts, Cardiff, 2019 

Three Sisters, performed at The Gate Arts, Cardiff 2018