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Reading at the Seren Cardiff Poetry Festival (Sat, 30th July 2022)

It was an absolute honour to be appearing alongside these stellar names at the Seren Cardiff Poetry Festival 29th to 31st July 2022 at the Atrium in Cardiff: The video was captured by a friend, I was reading on stage with Amy Wack and Rhian Edwards watching - Headline: First Thursday Showcase with Amy Wack FEATURING ABEER AMEER, SIMON BRINDLE, PAUL DEATON, KIM MOORE, STEPHEN PAYNE, ELIZABETH PARKER, TAZ RAHMAN, KATHERINE STANSFIELD, & CLAIRE WILLIAMSON. HOSTED BY RHIAN EDWARDS DATE: SATURDAY 30TH JULY TIME: 20:15 VENUE: THEATRE PRICE: £12.00 / £9.00 A LITTLE HISTORY… Amy Wack was the poetry editor of Seren for over 30 years. Not only did she kickstart the careers of many unknown poets, giving them their first publication break and turning them into household names; she also created First Thursday: New Poetry and Fiction at Chapter Arts Centre in Canton, Cardiff. First Thursday provided a monthly showcase for guest authors, as well as a lively ‘open mic’ segment, where poets were o