First poetry collection 'East of the Sun, West of the Moon', Seren Books, February 2024


Poems (published or forthcoming) in magazines & anthologies:

'Turning Saints into the Sea, Missa Solemnis, and A Pond for All Eels, ', The Lonely Crowd, March 2024

'Punctus Contra Punctum', Planet - The Welsh Internationalist, February 2024 

'The Substrate of a Rose', Abridged Magazine, November 2023 

'Anda' and 'What Are You Doing the Rest of Your Life', Acropolis Journal, issue 8, autumn 2023

'The Free State of Roath', Interpreter's House, issue 80, 2023 

'Amygdala', Seren Books Anthology, Free Verse - Poems for Richard Price, Edited by Damian Walford Davies and Kevin Mills, 2023 

'Stars Siphon Narcissus So', Atrium Poetry, July 2023 

'Sanctuary', Planet - The Welsh Internationalist, May 2023 

'Noddfa' (translated into Welsh), Bardass magazine, February 2023 

'Ramadan', Aesthetica Creative Writing Award 2023 Anthology, January 2023 

'Yashica 635' and 'Internal Reliquary', Anthropocene Poetry, December 2022 

'Muktijodha', Poetry Wales, Winter 2022, Volume 58, Number 2, 2022

'Teach Jackdaws Avionics', Propel Magazine, issue 2, 2022

'East of the Sun, West of the Moon' and 'Ramadan', Bad Lilies, issue 9, 2022

'Animal Wall', 'Maps & Rooms, Writing from Wales', Lucent Dreaming 2022

'Together Stronger', Gwrthryfel/Uprising, An anthology of radical Welsh poetry, Edited by Mike Jenkins, 2022

'Bread of Heaven', 'Love the Words', winners' anthology of 2022 International Dylan Thomas Day Prize, page 21, April 2022  

'A Morning Walk', Honest Ulsterman, 2022  

'Chocolate', Poetry Wales, Winter 2021, Volume 57, Number 2, 2021 

'Butter', Poetry Wales, Spring 2021, Volume 56, Number 3, 2021

'Seamstress', South Bank Poetry, Issue thirty three & four, 2021

'Hope is a Four Letter Word', 'Love the Words', winners' anthology of 2020 International Dylan Thomas Day Prize, page 18, April 2020 


(Forthcoming) 'The State of Contemporary Poetry in Wales', an essay in the 2025 Bloomsbury Anthology of British and Irish Poetry, edited by Zoe Brigley.  

Nation.Cymru Article On Being a Poet in Wales, 1st April 2024

Poetry Collection Review of Eric Egalle Charles's 'Homelands' & 'Wild Correspondings, An Eco-Poetry Handbook' by Kay Syrad and Clare Whistler, Poetry Wales, Summer 2022, Volume 58, Number 1  

'The Decisive Moment: Documenting Activism in the Digital Era of Citizen Journalism', Land of Change, Stories of Struggle & Solidarity from Wales. Edited by Gemma June Howel. Culture Matters, 2022

'Best of 2021: A selection of cultural hightlights from the last 12 months by Taz Rahman', Nation.Cymru & Eiddo, 2022   

'Poetry Collection Review of Isabelle Baafi's 'Ripe' & Abeer Ameer's 'Inhale/Exile', Poetry Wales, Summer 2021, Volume 57, Number 1  


Ithaka, performed at The Gate Arts, Cardiff, 2019 

Three Sisters, performed at The Gate Arts, Cardiff 2018